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Bridget with the Cow Kid Adventures Book

Welcome to The Adventures of Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein

Wrangler Rein Rides Again


Meet Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein

You are about to embark on daily CowKid Adventures with these two cowkids!

They like to ride their horses fast. They like chasing cows, playing with their dogs, running thru water and jumping over logs.

Wrangler Rein Rides Again is based on real kids and real events. So, come along and join in the fun... so you can be a CowKid, too!

Rein Cinch & Bridget
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We hope to see you there! Always, Bridget – the cowboy wife


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Thanks for reading our "The Adventures of Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein" Book... we hope you loved the adventure as much as we did!

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What People Are Saying

The Adventures of Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein is an awesome book that shows you it’s okay to be afraid and that you can get the courage to pick yourself up and ride again. It shows you that you can be strong and brave enough even when you don’t think you can. It’s a wonderful, well written story that I think children will love.

- Anicia Hoskins-Whisenhunt

The Adventures of Cowboy Cinch and Wrangler Rein's "Wrangler Rein Rides Again" is an exemplary story of support, love, and guidance giving a young cowpoke the courage to persevere in life now, and down the trail as he prepares for life's challenges.

- Bobby Bair